Teacher Achievers



 An ASL workshop was organized with the faculty members (07) and Air force School faculty member (03) at 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on 16 sep 2014 where the following points were discussed.

1.       Aim and Objectives of ASL

2.       Class Management

3.       TTT, STT, PPP and ARC

4.       Photonics symbols and pronunciations

5.        Elements to test the speaking skills of the students

6.       Descripting to speaking skills

7.       How to break the silence

8.       Role  playing

9.       The Three Phases

a)      Introduction

b)      Topic phases

c)       Problem solving phase

Teachers queries and doubts were also removed and due to practical exercise were emphasized for the listening skills audio clips were played and Task 1,2,3,4 were elaborated upon the workshop ended with the practical exercise of the test to face the read situations

Name of the Participants from Air Force School

1.       Mrs. Khosla

2.       Mrs.  Usha

3.       Mrs. Divya

Faculty Members

1.       Mrs. Sumandeep Kaur        TGT           

2.       Miss. Manpreet Kaur           TGT          

3.       Mrs. Varsha Bajaj                 PRT

4.       Mrs. Kanchan Tiwari           PRT

5.       Mrs. Sushma Tayal             PRT

6.       Mrs. Sunita Bhagat             PRT

7.       Mr. Rajesh Kumar              PRT


 Mr. Amit Kumar (PGT Chemistry) and Mrs. Sunita Bhagat (PRT) were honoured with the prestigious and coveted , CV Raman Award for teaching Science and EVS respectively. They were given cash award of Rs. 5000 each as well.