General Instructions for Library Readers

  1. Each student can get two books issued at a time for the period of two weeks. Staff members, including Principal can get a maximum of five books issued at a time for a period of one month. Failure to return books on time would compulsorily lead to a fine of Re.1 per day for Staff members.
  2. No book shall be issued during Summer and Winter Vacations.
  3. One Set of Textbooks may be issued to teachers for the subject being taught by them for the whole session.
  4. In case of loss of book/periodical/multimedia, he'she would have to either replace the book or deposit the market price of the book/periodical/multimedia in the library. For rare/out of print two times of the original cost and it shall be paid by the person responsible for the loss of the item.
  5. Magazines and Periodicals other than the latest copy will also be issued for a week.
  6. Books may be re-issued by the same user to a maximum of two times.
  7. Subject reference books from reference section will be issued for home use if the successive day is holiday. The book will have to be returned on the next working day.
  8. Dictionaries,Encyclopedias, etc will not be issued.
  9. All teachers and students can recommend books for the library.
  10. Silence is to be observed in the library.
  11. The Students are liable for punishment and fine if they either misbehave or damage the property of the library.