Games and Sports


 (Held on 30.10.2013)

 Annual sport's Day was celebrated with great pomp & show in which all the students participated enthausitically. They exhibited their physical strength & skills in different kinds of sports activities. The Principal officially declared the Sport's Day open after the March Past & pledge encouraging the students to play with sportsmanship and discipline of the game. The following events were conducted :

1. 100 mtr  Race  (Boys & Girls)    VI to VIII

2. 200 mtr  Race  (Boys & Girls)    VI to VIII

3. 400 mtr  Race  (Boys)   VIII to IX

4. 800 mtr  Race  (Boys)   XI & XII

5. Long Jump (Boys & Girls)  VII & VIII + XI & XII

6. Shot Put   (Boys & Girls)  X XI XII

7. Relay Race  (Boys)  Xi & XII


In Primary Section 10 events were organised & Secondary Section 17 events are oraganised.

Following Six Students are declared best Athelete:
VI to VIII  --------  Karamdeep   (VIII A), Santosh Kumari (VII B)
IX to X  ---------- Jagdeep Singh ( X B), Arshdeep Karu  (X A)
XI to XII  -------   Prince (XI Sc.), Shivali Vaish  (XII Comm)
Games & Sports
"Healthy mind rests in healthy body." To develop firm determination, strong will-power, sportsman-ship, team - spirit and leadership qualities among the students, they are encouraged to participate in inter-house, inter-school, KVS Regional and National Level Games & Sports Meets.
The students achieved bronze, silver and gold medals in football, swimming & Kabaddi at KVS Regional and National level games & sports meets respectively.
Sport activities are being used in Air Force Sport Ground by our Vidyalaya.




It has been the privilege of KV 2 Halwara to host the KVS Regional Sports Meet 2013-14 w.e.f 22/08/2013 to 24/08/2013. All arrangements were made well in advance to the best of available resources at the station. The matches were organized on League cum Knock out basis as per order. The Air Force authorities were considerate enough to permit the Vidyalaya to lend us the playground to organize this event. In Football U-14 (Boys), total of 06 teams reported at the venue for the competition. They were KV Faridkot, KV Rai Singh Nagar, KV No.4 Jalandhar Cantt, KV No.2 Jalandhar Cantt, KV 1 Halwara and the Host Team from Host Vidyalaya i.e KV 2 Halwara. In Kabaddi (Boys) U-14, only 03 teams reported which are KV 2 Halwara, KV Rampura Fazilka and KV Nahara. In Kabaddi (Boys) U-19, 09(nine) teams reported which are KV Hissar Cantt, KV Karnal, KV 1 Halwara, KV BSF Anupgarh, KV Jhajjar, KV Nahara, KV Sri Ganga Nagar, KV Barnala, KV 2 Halwara. There has been a stiff competition for this Event.

The details of result of various events are as follows :







Football U-14 (Boys)

KV – 4 Jalandhar Cantt

KV Faridkot  

KV 2 Halwara


Kabaddi U-14 (Boys)

KV 2 Halwara

KV Rampura Fazilka

KV Nahara


Kabaddi U-19 (Boys)

KV Hissar Cantt

KV 2 Halwara

KV 1 Halwara


The following are participants who are selected for KVS National Sports meet to be held at KVS RO Chandigarh in October 2013 for Kabaddi Under – 19 (BOYS)

1.     Sanjeev Kumar, KV Hisar Cantt

2.    Ritvik Sanghwan , KV Hisar Cantt

3.    Balraj Singh, KV 2 Halwara

4.    Hardeep Singh, KV 2 Halwara

5.    Inderpal Singh, KV 2 Halwara

6.    Rohit, KV Nahara

7.    Sandeep, KV Nahara

8.    Md. Wasim, KV 1 Halwara

9.    Parminder Singh, KV 1 Halwara

10.  Ravinder, KV Barnala

11.  Chandan Kishor, KV Ganga Nagar

12.  Akshay , KV Jhajjar





1.       Organised regional sports meet Football and kabaddi (boys) under-19 w.e.f 17-08-2012 to 19-08-2012.

No. of Teams

Football= 11 teams

Kabaddi= 8 teams


2.       Conduct National Coaching Camp Kabaddi under-19 boys and Football under-19 boys w.e.f 7-10-2012 to 13-10-2012


3.       Participation of KV2 HALWARA Regional Sports Meet w.e.f 17-08-2012 to 19-08-2012

                                            I.            Kabaddi (under-19) Boys KV2 Halwara

                                          II.            Kabaddi (under-19) Girls KV1 Halwara

                                        III.            Kho-kho (under-19) Girls KV4 Bhatinda

                                        IV.            Kho-kho (under-14) boys KV Barnala, AFS

                                          V.            Football (under-19) boys KV2 Halwara

                                        VI.            Badminton (under-19) boys KV Ferozpur

                                      VII.            Chess (under 14,17) boys & girls  KV3 Jalandhar

                                    VIII.            Athletics (under- 14,17,19) boys & girls KV1 Jalandhar


4.       Achievement of KV2 Halwara

Under 19 badminton boys( Bronze)

Under 14 chess girls (silver)

Under 17 chess girls (bronze)


5.       Selection at national level

Kabaddi under-19 boys=2

Football under-19 boys=1

Kho-kho under 14 boys=1

Chess under-14 girls=1

Chess under-17 girls=1